3M Scotch® Foil Tape 3311, Silver 2 in x 10 yd


Resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation, some chemicals, water vapor and smoke transmission
Can be used in most weather conditions and a wide variety of temperatures
Thermal conductivity helps cooling and heating efficiency, improving efficiency in systems
Conformable backing and pressure sensitive rubber adhesive adheres to a variety of smooth or irregular surfaces
Acts as a vapor barrier to insure the integrity of the insulation system
Scotch® Aluminum Foil Tape 3311 is a dead-soft, general purpose, aluminum foil backed tape with a paper liner designed for maximum adhesion over clean, dry surfaces. It features a high tack, pressure sensitive, rubber adhesive which is ideally suited for difficult to adhere to surfaces such as low energy substrates.

Resists Flame, Moisture, Weather, UV Degradation
Our Scotch® Aluminum Foil Tape 3311 is an excellent choice for general purpose repair and maintenance, and for temporary and emergency repair of metal surfaces. The sturdy foil backing is set on a paper liner to preserve the adhesive and aid in the ease of deployment. This tape resists flame, moisture, UV degradation, water vapor, odor and smoke transmission. It is also chemically resistant, thermally conductive, heat reflective and light reflective - making it an ideal choice for sealing aluminum faced insulation seams and joints.

Can Be Used in Most Weather Conditions and a Wide Variety of Temperatures
The conformable backing allows adhesion to a variety of substrates and wraps over the most irregular surfaces. When deployed, the tape acts as a vapor barrier to insure the integrity of insulation systems at the seams and joints. This versatile tape can be applied in most weather conditions, is UL 723 rated, and performs exceptionally well in a wide range of temperatures ranging from -10°F/12.2°C to 180°F/82.2°C.