Blue Seal Birder's Secret Neat Feast

Blue Seal

Shell-free mix that includes sunflower chips, peanuts, cracked corn, pistachios and more.

Product Description

Blue Seal wild bird products are top-of-the-line specialty feed mixes for backyard bird feeding year
‘round. Each variety is specially blended to attract specific species of wild birds. Neat Feast is an ideal mix for patio, deck, or garden feeding stations. All birds enjoy the convenience of shell-free seeds in Neat Feast (sunflower chips, peanuts, coarse cracked corn, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and pumpkin seeds). It is perfect for feeding on decks or in landscaped areas where seed hulls may detract from an otherwise pristine yard. Neat Feast is also a ready source of energy that birds can utilize to generate body heat in the winter months.

Features & Benefits

Variety of Seeds, Grain and Nuts

Variety of seeds, grain and nuts to attract a wide variety of birds.

No Shells

No shells for no waste or cleanup.

Available in 8- and 20-lb bags

Available in 8- and 20-lb bags to provide the choice of a convenient small package or a more economical larger bag.