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Product Description

Concerto is a corn-free, high-energy mix with extra high levels of black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips and white safflower, blended with peanut hearts and white millet. Concerto is formulated for Cardinals, Finches, Grosbeaks and more. It is an exceptional winter feed.

Features & Benefits


 Discourages undesirable ground-feeders, such as blackbirds, grackles, etc.

High Levels of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Attractive to most varieties of wild songbirds.

High Levels of White Safflower Seeds

Preferred seed choice of the Northern Cardinal

Added Sunflower Chips & Peanut Hearts

 High in energy with no empty shell cleanup.

Greatest Variety of Seeds

Greatest Variety of Seeds — Attractive to more varieties of wild birds.

Free from Undesirable Seeds

No filler seeds such as red millet and red milo. More seed is eaten and not discarded.

Superior Quality to Comparably Priced Mixes

Superior Quality to Comparably Priced Mixes — Greater value.

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